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Chris x Toby

 I have finished watching OZ (TV series) yesterday and I just can't stop thinking about Chris Keller
and Tobias Beecher (actors Meloni and Tengersen do an excellent job with their characters).
Their story broke my heart.

Some of their most memorable moments: Keller casually running his hand over Beecher's arm; the look in Beecher's eyes when he goes in to visit Keller in hospital after he has been injured; Beecher anxiously running his fingers through his hair before going in to see Keller for the first time after a long separation. The way Keller pauses for a moment before turning around when Beecher says his name.

Keller: I'll see you.
Beecher: When?
Keller: Back here. Or in heaven.
Beecher: You really think we're gonna get into heaven?
Keller: Ah ... you and me together? God doesn't have the balls to keep us out.