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Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

I just  finished watching the final episode of Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. I like this story better than Junjou Romantica. I can't wait for the Season 2


BL Novels

Today I have started reading Cold Light by Narise Konohara. This is  Cold Sleep sequel.
So far I have read :                    
   Better Than a Dream (Raika Sakuragi)
   Caged Slave (Yuiko Takamura)
   Cold Sleep (Narise Konohara)
   Sleeping with Money (Barbara Katagiri)
                                   Sweet Admiration (Yuuki Kousaka)
 IMHO the best one is Better Than a Dream (Raika Sakuragi) and the second one Caged Slave (Yuiko Takamura).



On Saturday I ran a marathon: 42km 195m .That was my second marathon. Participation in the race was a spontaneous decision and that was crazy idea because on that day was really hot and the race started at 1p.m.
I couldn't stand the heat and my time result wasn't  too good so I was really suprised when I get the second prize cup. It turned out that only four women finish the race and therefore my time was enough to take second place.



I have created this account on LiveJournal because I wanted to join some yaoi communities. I wasn't planning to write anything here because my writing skills in English are really bad but it seems that I can not longer have an empty journal so I'll try to write something for time to time. I apologize in advance for the grammar mistakes, etc.